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Hexamoll® DINCH – the trusted non-phthalate plasticizer 

Hexamoll® DINCH is the non-phthalate plasticizer particularly suited to human contact applications. BASF has invested over €7 million in toxicological research thus far. Today, Hexamoll® DINCH is trusted by several leading brand owners and is recognized globally for its contribution towards safety and its excellent properties.

The non-phthalate plasticizer is especially suitable for applications such as medical devices, toys, food packaging, sport and leisure products. But Hexamoll® DINCH has also proven itself in indoor applications like wall covering or flooring. It can be used as a substitute for traditional phthalates in many sensitive applications.
You can find detailed information about Hexamoll® DINCH under the areas of application further down this page.  

Your advantages at a glance

  • Hexamoll® DINCH is the major plasticizer in branded toys
  • Numerous approvals for food packaging, medical devices and toys (EFSA, JHPA)
  • Excellent toxicological profile and very low migration rate
  • Suitable for applications with close human contact
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