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The trust advantage

Once you become a Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partner, you can take advantage of benefits that BASF offers:

Get solid BASF support

BASF account managers are available at your convenience to ensure your issues and queries are handled with priority. Assistance in your application for product certifications and/or export and selling requirements, as well as industry/product awards will be provided. BASF experts can participate in your sales promotions to customers if needed. A stable BASF product supply and delivery will be granted to Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partners.

Lead in product innovation

Leverage BASF expertise in product development, trouble shooting and expert consultation to help improve product quality and safety.

Get one-hour free consultation on quality management, international standards, relevant regulations and current trends from BASF and TŰV Rheinland every year1. The BASF Plasticizer Application Laboratory Center in Shanghai, China, also closely collaborates to find the best solutions for Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partners. You will be entitled to 30 hours of free technical services (visits, sample tests, joint development) per year1.

Safeguard and enhance brand equity

Be recognized as a brand that does not compromise on product safety and quality. The Hexamoll® DINCH® name will set your product apart from the rest. You can use our Hexamoll® DINCH® ingredient branding logo on your products and product packaging as well as on your product brochures and product related websites2.

Raise brand awareness

BASF provides Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partners with joint marketing and communication initiatives as well as event invitations and speaking engagement opportunities. As a Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partner you will receive:

Joint promotional opportunities

  • Exclusive promotional items available for Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partners
  • Priority display of Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partners’ product samples in BASF booths at industry trade shows and events3

  • Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partners joint participation and co-organization with BASF in industry trade shows and events
  • Branding with Hexamoll® DINCH® on giveaway items for your customers2

Exclusive publicity opportunities

  • Promote your company and your products by linking your website with Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partners website
  • Listing of Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partners’ company and/or brand logo(s) and hyperlink on the Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partners website
  • Invitations to join as speakers at press conferences and media events organized by BASF4
  • Opportunities to have your product/brand featured in online, print and social media4

Keep your knowledge up-to-date.

  • Get exclusive market and product information from around the globe
  • Receive training at BASF Plasticizer Application Laboratory Center in Shanghai5
  • Opportunity to visit BASF production plants, Verbund Sites and Plasticizer Application Labs in the Asia Pacific, Europe or North America5

Expand your network

Among the Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partners’ network, you have a chance to collaborate with trustworthy and quality suppliers or business partners. BASF supports business-matchings for our Hexamoll® DINCH® Trusted Partners as well. You may also receive invitations to conferences and seminars4