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Technical Services for the Plasticizer industry

Serving the value chain with dedicated services

Along the value chain, plasticizers undergo a variety of processing steps before an end-product is finalized. The processing steps can be done with two different technologies: thermoplastic compounding and plastisol processing. This can pose specific questions. 

If you are looking for support, our technical service offering is right for you!

  • Do you need a specific analysis of an end-product or intermediate ?
  • Are you looking for support with formulation and process optimization within thermoplastic and plastisol processes?
  • Do you encounter specific problems with your formulation and/or processing?

A dedicated team of experts serves the entire plasticizer and especially P-PVC value chain, offering solutions to meet your requirements. Our technical experts are experienced with the manufacutring and processing of flexible PVC in different kinds of applications and industries.
Ask for our possibilities!

Selected offerings:

Processing P-PVC

Hot-cold mixer, two-roll mill, lab extruder (double and single screw), kneader, planetary mixer, Mathis-Coater

Determination of properties pf P-PVC

Shore A hardness and other mechanical parameter, volatility, fogging, migration and extraction data, cold flexibility, weathering and heat aging characteristics, compatibility, gelation properties, rheological data

Specific analysis of raw materials, intermediates and end-products


You cannot find what you are looking for? Ask us!

Would you like to refresh your know-how or onboard new employees in your team?

We offer to spend a day in our lab to not only learn theoretical basics but also experience hands-on trials with plasticizers.

Ask for our P-PVC Training!

Contact us, if you are interested: